FAQ (Updated 28/01/2019)

How do I care for a wig?

You can find my basic guide to wig wear and care here both online and as a downloadable pdf!


Do you take wig commissions?

Yes I do! I’m currently closed for new commissions but expect to open again in December 2018 (January 2019 at latest). I will post to my Facebook and Instagram about how to request a quote nearer the time.




I know you’re closed to new commissions, but can I get a quote?

You can find an idea of my prices lower in my FAQs. I only provide custom and precise quotes when I have slots available.


Can you message me when you open for quotes again?

I don’t currently have a mailing list (I had to get rid of it when the GDPR regulations took effect). If you keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram I will post BEFORE I open slots stating precisely at what date and time I plan to open. In this way I can cater fairly on a first come, first served basis when I have slots available.


Why do you only have a certain number of slots? I don’t mind waiting

I open commissions in batches of manageable numbers for my own peace of mind. It’s like spinning plates. Everyone can keep a certain number of plates spinning whilst staying in control: it might be 1 or 20. I know my own boundaries and my slots keep me organised and on track.


Where can I find examples of your wig work?

For examples of my wig work, including 360o videos, please visit me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.






How do you ship your wigs?

Wigs are shipped with tracking and insurance. Unless discussed otherwise, wigs are shipped in specially constructed boxes designed for security and easy access; each wig comes with a wig head and a wig cap included. With care the boxes can also be used for storage upon receipt.

The box can be seen demonstrated here:


I’m working on a cosplay. Can you provide advice on X?

Thank you very much for seeing me as a useful source of information. I will absolutely do my best to get back to you and offer advice if I can, though please bear in mind that I have to prioritise communication with existing and future clients in order to keep food on my (and my menagerie’s) table. As I am prone to typing induced RSI in my wrists my time spent at the computer per day is limited. I am usually able to answer specific questions (e.g. Please would you be able to advise how to attach wefts) more swiftly than open ended questions (e.g. How do I style this wig?).

You can however find a lot of information on my processes on my Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube channels. Please see videos, photographs and their accompanying captions – I’m quite free with information 🙂 :



If you find my information helpful please consider leave a donation via my Kofi account. This Kofi account allows me to put time into tutorials without having to put them behind a paywall.

LINK: http://ko-fi.com/nomescosplay

How do you price your wigs?

My prices are set based on the time it takes to style a wig and the cost of materials. For perspective, a SSJ Goku wig requires approx. 24 hours of labour to style and requires GBP £80-100 of materials.

Below please find an idea of wig prices (excluding shipping) at time of writing this (06/11/2018). These are subject to change over time and are dependent on custom specifications.

Large and hard cored wigs: £300+

Lace front with custom ventilation: £180+


Hard front base: £100+

You’ve provided a quote in GBP; what would be the equivalent price in USD/AUD/EUR/etc.?

I currently run my wig sales through my own website hosted by Shopify. As such I have to abide by Shopify’s currency conversions which can fluctuate day by day. With this in mind I'm only able to provide quotes in GBP. If you would like to check the approximate currency conversion I recommend XE.com.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do indeed offer payment plans. The most common payment plan is 50% paid upon initiation of the commission with 50% due on completion but prior to posting. Further break downs can be discussed however please note I will not begin work on a commission until 50% has been paid off.

As the wigs are bespoke please note they are exempt from the 14 day ‘cooling-off period’ for distance-sold items as outlined in The Consumer Contracts Regulations (2014) which allows for cancellation and return of items purchased online within 14 days of receipt.

I’ve changed my mind; can I cancel or return my order?

For reasons of hygiene and because each wig is a bespoke item made to order I do not accept returns on wigs. If a wig suffers damage during the shipment, please contact me immediately with clear images showing the damage and I will do my best to be of assistance. Once the wig leaves my possession, however, I am not liable for damages caused by shipping or use however all wigs are shipped with insurance in case of loss or damage.

I will occasionally make exceptions regarding cancellations if I have yet to make any purchase of materials for the order in question.

How long does a wig commission take?

If no date is requested by the client, a wig commission usually takes 3-4 months. Shorter time frames are available for a rush fee (assuming it is possible within the time window) on request. Longer time frames are also an option and can tie into payment plans.

Please note the above time frames are best case, and are subject to availability of styling slots. I book on a first come first served basis and no slot is guaranteed until the first payment has been made.

The wig I’m interested in isn’t listed in your  store; can I still get it commissioned?

If you are interested in a custom wig for a specific character other than the ones in my portfolio please:


1. Check my commission availability

2. If slots are available please complete this 'Wig commission enquiry form'

3. Commission slots are filled ona first come first served basis. If slots are still available when I read your message I will get in touch with a quote.

I’d like to support you and your work but I don’t need a commission; how can I do this?

Thank you for your support. If you’d like to offer further support there are a few way that are appreciated:

  1. Shares, likes and comments on my social media accounts are incredibly valuable to help increase reach.
  2. I have a Kofi account where I accept monetary donations. If I’ve been able to help you and you’d like to and are able to, you can leave a donation here. This Kofi account allows me to put time into tutorials without having to put them behind a paywall. I believe in the kindness and support of strangers and in this way I hope to always be able to leave my tutorials accessible to all.

LINK: http://ko-fi.com/nomescosplay


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